Harry Jorgensen Marine Ltd

Services Provided by Harry Jorgensen Marine Ltd

  1. Insurance Surveys
  2. Insurance Evaluations.

Description of the most common surveys / pre-purchase inspections

There are many types of inspections/surveys and may be confused between the two most common which are pre-purchase inspection and insurance condition report. Harry now conducts only Insurance related survey work.

Types of Survey Conducted

  1. Insurance Survey Inspection.
  2. Insurance Evaluation Inspections.
  3. Damage Survey

Insurance Survey Inspection.

The report would include a brief description of the vessel, her layout and equipment with comment on the condition of the hull, systems and appointments. Apparent remedial work, that is urgently required to maintain the vessel's value or seaworthiness, over and above normal and routine maintenance, will be noted.

Insurance Evaluation Inspections

Valuations are often requested by the Client to obtain insurance and/or finance or required by solicitors or financial institutions with regard to probate or other matters.

Damage Surveys

This type of survey is required if the craft has suffered any form of damage from whatever cause usually for the insurance companies.