Harry Jorgensen Marine Ltd

Services Provided by Harry Jorgensen Marine Ltd

  1. Pre- purchase Inspection.
  2. Condition report for insurance or other purpose as required.
  3. Valuation.
  4. Condition inspections for Super Yachts and coordinating the various inspections.
  5. Dispute Resolution and Facilitation
  6. Trouble shooting to solve warranty/maintenance issues
  7. Project Evaluation and viability studies.
  8. Coordination between naval architect, engineering and interior designers.
  9. Design and Specification.

Coordination of Additional Reports

  1. Some of the items below require experts to inspect and report in their individual areas of expertise. A comprehensive integrated report can be produced combining the various experts' reports.
  2. Sea Trial.
  3. Motor Exhaust back-pressure, Engine RPM, Performance vs Engine SPecification, Engine Room ventilation.
  4. Engine Run-up and observation/Compression testing/oil analysis
  5. Hull Corrosion Analysis.
  6. Hull Osmosis Analysis
  7. Electrical Inspectionand Reporting. Shore power smart boxes, synchronisation of generators etc.
  8. Electronics Inspections and Reporting, both for navigation aids and entertainment.

Description of the most common surveys / pre-purchase inspections

Many people are not aware that there are many types of inspections/surveys and may be confused between the two most common which are pre-purchase inspection and insurance condition report.

Types of Survey

  1. Pre- purchase Inspection.
  2. Condition report for insurance or other purpose as required.
  3. Valuation inspections.
  4. Pre-sale inspection
  5. Maritime NZ/Safe Ship Management surveys
  6. Damage Survey
  7. Machinery Survey
  8. Consultancy and supervision of new build and refits.

Pre-purchase Inspection

This inspection reports on the condition and integrity of the hull, superstructure and decks and the condition of the rig. It would also comment on the installation of the engine and the systems. However a diesel mechanic is recommended to check the running of the engine and an electrician should be called if the systems are very sophisticated.

Cosmetic details such as the exterior and interior paint condition and minor scratches are also reported if an in depth survey has been requested.

Digital images are taken during the inspection, with small notes underneath. There is no doubt this identifies defects very clearly and rings true the saying "a picture tells a thousand words"

This is by far the most common survey and will in most cases, be the most detailed and in depth survey where the Client, frequently, is a first time buyer with little or no previous knowledge in this field and has total reliance on the Surveyor's expertise.

It is important that the surveyor selected, has practical experience in the size and type of vessel being surveyed..

The report can assess the future maintenance required to minimise vessel depreciation and should report the major defects likely to affect of the vessel's value.

Insurance Condition Survey.

The report would consist of a brief description of the vessel, her layout and equipment with comment on the condition of the hull, systems and appointments. Apparent remedial work, that is urgently required to maintain the vessel's value or seaworthiness, over and above normal and routine maintenance, will be noted.

Valuation Inspections

Valuations are often requested by the Client to obtain insurance and/or finance or required by solicitors or financial institutions with regard to probate or other matters.

Pre sale inspection.

Tips from the surveyor how to prepare the boat for a presale inspection by a surveyor prior to the vessel being put up for sale is frequently used now so when the vessel is being surveyed for a prospective purchaser, the major defects have already been addressed

Maritime NZ/Safe Ship Management surveys.

The surveys are carried out by MNZ recognized surveyors on charter boats, ferries, fishing boats and all other commercial vessels. The survey assesses the safety risks for passengers, crew and the ship including environmental. It is not, as in the pre-purchase inspection concerned with minor defects such as a little bit of rot which does not affect the passenger safety or seaworthiness of the vessel.

Damage Surveys

This type of survey is required if the craft has suffered any form of damage from whatever cause usually for the insurance companies.


It is recommended that the main engines be checked over and with today's sophisticated vessels, all mechanical systems should also be inspected and reported on.

Consultancy and supervision of new build and refits.

A significant part of superyacht management especially where the owners are not hands on